Offensive Line PDF Print E-mail
Football games are won or lost in the trenchesOffensive line play is a highly technical dance consisting of 3 primary elements:
  1. Speed
  2. Applied Force
  3. Leverage

It is the training in the application of these 3 elements that

seperates a good lineman from a great lineman.

We start with the very basics of football, what we call the "BASE" position, which consists of foot placement, back

plane, head position and hand position. All of our techniques flow from this starting point. With a good "BASE" we

can build a good stance, a good take-off, and a good attack. In our clinic times we perfect the BASE, then

progress to drive blocking, angle blocking, pass blocking, blocking in space, and pulls and traps.


"Nothing good happens in the backfield without the big boys up front"